1st European Tamburello Open Championship

On the first European Open Tamburello Championship Italy got double victory. The participating national teams were: Italy, France, Spain, Catalunya, Hungary.


Friday 29 August 2014

Field of Mezzolombardo– Italy-Spain man 13-0

Saturday 30 agosto 2014

Field of Faedo– France-Catalunya man 13-0

Field of Nave San Rocco– Hungary-Italy man 1-13

Field of Faedo– France-Hungary women 13-1

Field of Nave San Rocco– Hungary-Spain man 7-13

Field of Faedo– Italy-Catalunya man 13-0

Field of Nave San Rocco– Italy-Hungary women 13-0

Field of Mezzolombardo– Spain-France man 2-13

Field of Mezzolombardo– Hungary-France man 1-13

Sunday 31 agosto 2014

Field of Nave San Rocco– Catalunya-Hungary man 13-9

Field of Nave San Rocco– Catalunya-Spain man 8-13

Field of Mezzolombardo– Italy-France women 13-1

Field of Mezzolombardo– Italy-France man 13-5

Final Standings



Italy p. 6

Italy p. 12

France p. 3

France p. 9

Hungary p. 0

Spain p. 6


Catalunya p. 3

Hungary p. 0

Pictures from the event